Kayaking Safely: Our Covid19 Precautions

As the Florida economy begins to open up we are preparing to reopen our kayak tours of the mangrove tunnels on lido key. Out of concern for our customers and staff, we have been closed for the past 30+ days. Of course, we are still concerned about safety, but also very excited to get back out on the water.

If you, too, are excited about getting back out there, we thought you’d appreciate understanding what we are doing to keep all of us safe:

  1. All of our kayaks, paddles, waterproof bags, etc. have been sanitized with a sanitizing solution following CDC guidelines.
  2. We have developed sanitizing procedures to be used between each rental and tour, so that all kayaks and equipment are sanitized between each use.
  3. Our staff will not be using disposable gloves to not contribute to polluting our waters, but they will be washing their hands with soap and water, and carrying hand sanitizer as well.
  4. For rentals, we will be pausing 20 minutes between each launch, giving each rental party time to get far out on the water and not run into other renters.
  5. When we launch tours, we will be maintaining social distancing, making sure our customers remain 6 feet apart until they’re safely on the water.

We take the COVID19 virus very seriously and shut down to be safe. We will continue to take it seriously and open with precautions. However, being out on the water is one of the safest places you can be during this pandemic. There is fresh, air, sunshine, and lots of space.

We can’t wait to take you out. Spaces are filling up fast for our reopening next week, so book your tour or rental here if, like us, you can’t wait to get out there.